Can you give me a minute with Sanity?

I am going to lay down for a minute.


Craps is a piece of cake if you only roll elevens.

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Don't believe him who speaks nice words, but him who speaks simply the truth.


Give me your shirt.

Mike has two friends who are girls.

I didn't need her.


When I returned home, my brother had done his homework.

They refused.

Not even Carsten knew when Lievaart was going to arrive.

The costs resulting from alcoholism are enormous.

Nancy is more shy than reserved.

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Wolf ordered the dog to sit.

Reading makes me happy.

There's something mysterious about him.

She has been busy preparing for her trip to the U.S.

How many pictures did you buy?

We were all a little sleepy.

I don't need to talk about it.


We have to rush him to the hospital. He's badly injured.

Oh Clem, I think that your boyfriend's here!

I couldn't understand a single word of what they said.

That child's easily distracted.

What did you eat in the afternoon?


He's an author.


With a high, closed collar, figure-hugging cut, and large slits at either side of a straight skirt, the qipao is unique in its ability to communicate both modesty and sensuousness.

Is this your first visit to Boston?

I am interested in your past.

Frederic looks a bit tired, doesn't he?

Suyog was a quiet type who kept to herself and rarely interacted with others.

Paola probably has an extra pencil he could lend you.

Piercarlo certainly is eloquent.


Let's not do that again.

Is that wrong?

Let's talk about that over drinks.

They stopped kissing.

I want you to promise me that.

This sentence has been deleted because it was a duplicate.

You have probably never heard of me, but I'm famous back home.


I hid it in my freezer.

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Bernie is not used to being made fun of in the presence of others.

What kind of man are you?

The coffee break is an American institution.

Dawson drinks black coffee without sugar.

Don't go away!

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The cat slowly approached the mouse.

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Victoria couldn't find Manolis anywhere.

How great Getter Jaani is!

I saw the game.

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I assume you know there are no classes today.

My daughter is but a child.

My throat hurts and my body feels heavy. It looks like I've caught a cold somehow.


I didn't like the Prime Minister's speech.

He was regarded as a hero.

I appreciate your feedback.

Gideon refused to help at first.

You can't leave me like this.


The democrat endeavored to accomplish his aim by himself.

May God hear you!

"Is your friend an idiot or what?" asked the father.


Kenji is a good speaker of English.

This shouldn't be hard.

Let us help you.

I said get down!

I'm gonna quit putting everything off... Tomorrow.


You cannot separate the milk from the coffee once you put it in.

Have you already told Jarl about what happened to Ravindran?

They chopped off the chicken's head.

Look what happened.

This order has just come in over the phone.

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When I got home, I was very tired.

His selfish attitude put my back up.

The only word written on the page was the word "frog."

Laurel is dating someone at the hospital.

This lady witnessed an accident at three o'clock this afternoon.

Thousands of families were left homeless.

How do I make him give up his dream?

Have you ever spread chocolate on your bread?

They entered cautiously.


It's cloudy today. Why don't we go to the beach tomorrow?


She helped him in the belief that he was innocent.

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They can't do that.


Instead of beating around the bush, Jones got straight to the point.

Karen went there herself.

The lecture was above me.

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This work took me 5 days, but it will take you as many weeks.

Paula was called away on urgent business.

Angela has likely gone out.


Do you like pretzels?


I will have been to Hokkaido three times if I go once again this summer.

He is the magnet of attention.

Would you rather be blind or be deaf?

The rock concert was called off because the singer fell ill.

He got a cramp while he was swimming.


I hate being laughed at.


Herb came home covered with mud.

Imagine that you started to hiccup and couldn't stop.

What brand of cigarettes do you smoke?

He is popular with the people at large.

I don't want to know anything.

It is wrong to make fun of an old man.

The precision ratio is an index that indicates how many articles meet the search criteria out of all of the articles retrieved.


I can't find my notebook here; I must have put it elsewhere.

The Waterfront's success could mean that other cities soon follow, creating areas that offer people a new kind of city living, with all the benefits and none of the stress, noise and pollution of crowded centres.

Let's add ambiguous sentences more often.

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Vishal wants me to join his team.

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That accident was due to his carelessness.

Do you think there's a chance I'll be elected?

It's terribly hot this morning.


Jeffie isn't going to the conference.

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By God, I never knew that.


They had no place to go.

Alvin is even crazier than I thought.

We returned the money.

When I see you, you always remind me of my brother.

He was borne away by an impulse.

Scott lives like a king.

Pria never mentioned Stephan.

It seems like I'm the only one here who's from Boston.

I think Rajiv has a plan.

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He's shorter than his brother.


I'll bring my sister to the party.

The L.A. Lakers have got the game in the bag.

That is the first step.

It's not going to happen.

If Louise can't do it, nobody can.

Gypsy was the one who got beaten up.

I keep dreaming about Bonnie.


Ernst might think that we don't like him.

The water in the swimming pool suddenly turned green.

Hi, I'm looking for friends.

If you keep on complaining, I will get mad for real.

I wrote a song about what happened here last year.


He married a fellow immigrant.

She's the one with a family.

Izumi sure does sleep a lot, doesn't he?

I am shaking hands with my worst enemy.

I don't think I have time to explain it right now.


I wasn't expecting you so soon.

I went to the zoo yesterday.

A dog is following us.


Come on, set the tone.

I'll see them around.

The perfect is the enemy of the good.

Do you want me to get that for you?

Marco plays tennis twice a week.


Our task is to repair a wall

Mount Fuji is Japan's most famous mountain.

That's about it.


I have not forgotten.

I'll teach you to do that again.

I used to dream about becoming a model.

How do you know I don't have it?

I'm heading towards Boston now.

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I'll take charge now.

In the amusement park Sriram found a boy on his own weeping, and spoke to him gently. "Hey, sonny, what is it? Are you lost? Would you like me to take you to the Lost Children Department?"

He has lived in Iceland for a long time.