Let's learn English.

He didn't even look at my face.

Doctors should keep abreast with all the latest developments in medicine.

They are trying to do something impossible.

Everyone pointed at her.

We enjoyed good music to the full.

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I couldn't get warm enough.


I can respond to his question.

I want you to pitch in a little.

Heat was spread throughout the room by the electric stove.


Rap is crap.


Alastair didn't do anything else.


The lecture was as boring as watching paint dry.

This is a hybrid.

Ken's really got computers on the brain.

I hope I've done the right thing.

Wait until your father gets home.

When he was in the military, he conformed to the strict army rules.

We cleared the street of snow yesterday.

How much more of this can Sekar take?

We must take care of the elderly.

Repetition helps you remember something.

They skinned him alive.

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I don't have any cash on me.


Don't take any chances.

I'm a day late, but "Happy Birthday!".

Let me give you a ride home.


I take it you disapprove.

I'm not cranky.

Each of us must be careful when driving a car.


In order to elude her eager public, the movie star checked into the hotel under a false name.


I'm powerful.

I sometimes hear my father singing in the shower.

We ran for 10 kilometers.

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That mountain is easy to climb.

That was nice.

You may choose any book you like.

Gregor was knighted in 2013.

Why are people so greedy?

That is mine. I don't know where hers is.

Let's go sledding this afternoon.


If she doesn't love you, what's the problem? You can love yourself.

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Tell her I miss her.


The general ordered the massacre of all war prisoners.

I wish I could do the same.

Hillary wears a gold wristwatch.

I prefer being poor to being rich.

You should've left him alone.

That's a woman's job.

Alex says he'll come.

I do not consider her choice of music a happy one.

Hopefully they don't delay my flight like the others.

I just thought that you might want to go home and be with your family.

Clyde liked teasing her brother.

Martha called in sick.

I have never seen such beautiful hair.


Dwight's distracted.

That's not for you.

The problem is that we don't have enough money.

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A bird shat on Vladimir Vladimirovich.

I can't keep lying to her.

The little girl grew into a beautiful woman.

I have no memory of what happened.

It's really an eyesore.


Alvin left his wife.

Isn't it time to leave?

I like coffee better than black tea.

He drove me home.

Think washed the car.

Fred Bloggs is the biggest corrector on Tatoeba.

Leslie wanted a moderately priced car.


Thuan is about my age.

The age of the universe is about 13.75 billion years.

We waited at the scene of the accident till the police came.

Sofia made cookies.

They walked away.


Sergio and Vince are playing Clue with their friends.

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She enjoyed the life on board.


That Hungarian actor owns several cinemas.

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She's wearing only pasties and a G-string.

I want her on my jury.

This problem is hard to solve.

A red dress looks good on her.

I'm headed downtown.

Lorenzo is a very lucky boy.

Douglas is the one who painted this picture.

The children rode a toboggan down the hill in the snowy weather.

One's own name is the sweetest and the most important sound in the world for anybody.


I don't want to buy this kind of sofa.

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Dad, I'm taking the car out for a drive.

Her honesty is beyond question.

Miriam hasn't paid Earle yet.

Saiid must've been home at that time.

My butt hurts.

Can we start over?

No one thinks, but everyone has their opinions.


She'd better tame that violent temper.

I thought you might want to talk.

He sketches the outline of the machine.

When does the post office open?

Let's be candid for a moment.

If he finds out, certainly he will be very angry.

Pim is on the porch reading the evening paper.

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My brother and I are in the same class.


I shouldn't have borrowed Edmund's hammer.


I always eat healthy.

I'll come straight to the point. You're fired.

I'll play a sonata for you.

Emily needs my help.

Should we get a table?

The ship was drifting at the mercy of the waves.

Republicans and Democrats, Christians, Atheists, Muslims and all other faiths, Americans and Immigrants, everyone was united in grief for the devastation of 9/11.

He was disciplined for his wrongdoing.

I made a reservation at our favorite restaurant.

Example sentences are the future.

Cristina removed his helmet.


Don't get off the bus till it stops.

The thunder made a loud, rumbling sound nearby.

I really want to eat something I haven't eaten for quite a long time.

Boy, was I wrong.

Raphael isn't smiling.


I need to keep my eyes open.

As the plane was approaching turbulence, the pilot asked the passengers aboard the plane to fasten their seat belts.

I called her office, but no one answered.

The point at issue is not her ability but her character.

Until next weekend, if that's OK.

When did you tell him?

I'm reading the paper, in the meanwhile get ready to go out.

She's only going to tell you what she thinks you want to hear.

As the lesson comes to an end, even if the teacher doesn't say a word of "be quiet", "sit down!," the children naturally return to their seats and quieten down.


Did you get my message?


There was something else.

Drinking is bad for your health.

Providing energy to the poor without destroying the planet any further is this century's biggest challenge.

It requires just a little determination.

It was time to go.

It's not a crime.

I seem to have the wrong number.

These pictures are really very beautiful.

There isn't much nutrition in potato chips.

I think it's a good idea to spend some time apart so you can see each other differently.

This road is full of sharp turns.

They don't seem busy.

Who do you think will be elected president of the USA?


Do you speak Japanese fluently?

I'm going to read the book.

They swore to keep it a secret.

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The R.M.S. Titanic was divided into 16 watertight compartments.


A new pope has been elected.


Don't make me say the same thing over and over again!

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Ken collects old coins.

As the first pack emerges, the spectators take pictures with their cameras and mobile phones.

Shannon is preparing coffee.

Thanks very much for waiting.

I thought it wasn't supposed to rain today.

I think you'll need a loan.

Lonhyn made it happen.


What I need is a little more time.

A big crowd gathered at the scene of the fire.

My father gave me a computer as a gift.

Those jets were faster than lightning.

My husband and I used to go mountain climbing together.