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Can you tell us what you're wearing?

Do we have time?

I'm sorry, but you'll have to pay an excess weight fee.

I'm inside.

I don't think that incident requires any further explanation.

Ore is enriched here.

If you were to compare me to an animal, to which animal would you compare me to?

Dan crashed into a tree.

Hey, get away from there.

I'm not going to defend Alf.

Nancy is being quite vague, isn't he?

You were wise not to follow his advice.

Axel reached for his drink.

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I don't procrastinate as much as I used to.


This ticket is available for a whole year.

You've changed more than I thought.

What kind of music do you listen to?

This dish is filled with many invigorating ingredients.

The man went begging from door to door.


Why don't you just let him go?

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I believe that we do not in fact need to do this.

Roxane wanted to kill Woody, but John stopped him.

I learned to play the guitar when I was ten.

The pantry was empty.

I was thinking about Boston.

Your pits stink.

We'll be there in plenty of time.

The law and justice are not the same.

I told Sandy we are friends.

Are you sure that you want to quit your job?

People should love one another.


She was accepted to Harvard.


I'm in the hospital.

His life is a moral example to everyone.

Could you excuse us?

When did you buy that from me?

Xavier sells pumpkin bread in the market.

If you have problem with rats and mice, you can scare them away with ultrasound.

Nhan, you're really cute so, I think you would blend in perfectly at an all-girls school.

I was just looking for him.

That's not how you do it.

Do you want a reconditioned or a remanufactured tote ?

Izzy was glad that Ole agreed with him.

No one made you do anything.

We should wait until Elliot gets here.


Of course, I understand.


I am going on a picnic tomorrow.


Is that your carriage?


Rafik and Ramadoss were seated side by side.


Pilar was in a coma.

There were a number of students in the room.

What's on your plate?

She shot a gun.

That man is a man content with his fate.

My sleep was disturbed by the sound.

She's a knockout.

How is the error observed?

The lilies of the valley will flower soon.

Have you told anyone about the surprise party?

Anton is busy with his work.

I spent the weekend with Carole.

I met Niall at a wine auction a few years ago.

If, between pride and love, one chooses pride, can it then have been love?

We seek happiness.

Andrea became sick from eating bad food.

Alice is running to catch her bus.

Many kinds of birds live in Japan.

What's wrong with your eyes?

Please bring me the book next time you come.

He has read as many as 50 books for the last two weeks.

Do you want to see a trick?

Jane is very busy now, isn't he?

I am not sanguine that the negotiations will succeed.

Vicky wanted Uri to be at his party.

There is a lake in front of my house.

I told him to make the deal.


That shouldn't have happened.


The price will change according to the demand.


Deb is giving up.

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I'd completely forgotten that Will used to be a vegetarian.


He denied having taken part in the crime.


The speaker's argument was off the point.

Nazi Germany invaded Poland in September 1939.

Mike's not very talkative, but to give him his due, you can always count on him.

Already many buildings are now being built earthquake resistant.

Don't make such a mistake.

Mr. Ford is what is called a self-made man.

The gaunt policeman had a bolt-action rifle slung over one shoulder.

I'll speak to Irving about what we just discussed.

Margot stuck Sunil with the bill.

I'm putting together a team to hunt him down.

I'm usually not this indecisive.

He enjoyed reading detective stories.

What've I ever done to you?

Let's sit around the stove and have a chat.

I'm not easygoing.


More than one student studies French in our class.

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Take Vern with you.

Not a great deal of energy is required for keeping a free moving pendulum in a state of oscillation.

I just can't believe they're getting married.

I thought Rupert was unemployed.

The 'Fasten Seatbelts' sign has currently been switched off.

He got out of the room in anger.

Eliot always sees the negative in any situation.

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We found a great restaurant.

They fought in the cause of freedom.

I've heard that many times.


You should get to know them.

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I can't ask Hy for any more money.

I'm unable to read this difficult text.

No one really understands the grief or joy of another.

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Credit is an amount or limit to the extent of which a person may receive goods or money for payment in the future.

He was invited by the President to the White House inaugural ball.

Julian can read the International Phonetic Alphabet.

I didn't ask him to go there.

We'll be waiting for you in the lobby.


How much have you made tonight?

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That sounds really bad.

Shahid might be a little late.

Irfan's very much in control of the situation.

I have known her since she was a baby.

Loyd didn't study at all, but he passed the test anyway.

You could ask him.

Let's try!

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The room charge is 100 dollars a night.


He acted quickly and put out the fire.


I don't want to know anything until tomorrow.

I'm quite a stranger in this town.

I'm not accustomed to being in the limelight.

She had a crush on him.

OK people, listen up.

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Vince wants us to follow him.


It was kind of unexpected.


Tomorrow's another day.

In the practice of the Great Way, all under Heaven was public.

Well really, you are always repeating the same mistake.

I'm the one who asked you the question.

The pontoons are detachable.


There are many good restaurants in Boston.

I can walk no farther.

They live in Helsinki, Finland.

What page is Valentin on?

Dale worked as a gas station attendant.

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Thank you for your trouble.

This bus doesn't stop here.

In the morning, Vasilissa dug a deep hole in the ground and buried the skull.

Darci went to Boston.

Can you get Marty?

Francis is still pretty young.

Would it be possible to change my reservation now?

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Did you go abroad for pleasure or on business?

Your message cannot be delivered to the following people or distribution lists.

I'm choking!


This house is infested with termites.


She's seeking for solidariety from a friend.

Did you study French yesterday?

We all have our faults.

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Tell me it's not true.

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Do you have an answer yet?


I'm sure I can overcome any difficulty.