I hear that you are having an unusually cold winter.

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It was for a dead person rather than a living one that we were searching.

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I have three more weeks.


We are staying at home because it's raining.

She grew every day more and more beautiful.

I was young and strong back then.

Would you care for a little wine?

What's your favourite food?

You're smarter than I ever was.

Christofer just got off the phone with Soohong.


Omar is going to the concert with Elizabeth.

Jackye was utterly confused.

I think I might be able to help you.


Man would perish.

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He was thinking strange thoughts.

Everyone looks worried.

Bobby completely lost his head.

If he had been a little more careful, he would have succeeded.

Pantelis ran past us.


The curtain rises at 7 p.m.


I listened to Beethoven's piano concertos not only for an hour, but more than that!

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The bathroom is at the end of the hall.


He had the sensation that he was still on the waves.

The biggest defeat for an atheist is ending up in paradise.

Emily owes Pete three hundred dollars.

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Do you have an address?

I cannot really say which one the baby wants, since he's pointing at both.

Rod left right after Jem did.

It seems that he left for school just now.

Martin is a plumber.


Leaves grow on branches.

You seem to be on a very tight schedule.

She needs some help from us.


An elephant's tusks cannot be retracted.

I don't know why I didn't think of that earlier.

Yvonne couldn't concentrate.

I need to go back to Boston for a funeral.

Even his everyday speech was an off-the-cuff, tangential, disjointed narrative.

I am not interested in politics at all.

We have gas heating.

Martha followed her friend to the hotel because she did not know the area.

Her cheeks reddened.

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We have to get up early tomorrow morning.


I know this is hard for you.

Carisa was attacked by a wolf.

I'm sleepy, so I'm going to bed.


It seemed that no one was in the village.

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Why are you so disappointed?


Do you have a home in Italy?

What do you call this animal in Japanese?

According to the makers of the Oxford English Dictionary, there are over 800,000 words in the English language.

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The moon is out.


I think Nathaniel is satisfied.

Patricio began wearing glasses when he was three.

Everyone knows that it wasn't your fault.


This has come about through several causes.

An alcove is useful for storing things.

We appreciate the support.

A light breakfast was served.

We should lower our voices.

Your car is about to be towed.

Her wishes, it seems, have come true.

I'm a late sleeper.

Their marriage ceremony was performed according to the custom of the district.

Is it true that you can't speak French?

Let's randomize the order of the images in the slideshow.

You're obviously drunk.

He certainly knows how to take it on the chin.

Which of these rackets is yours?

She enjoyed herself a lot at the party.

I hope you'll be able to come back soon.

The corrupt government officials fled the country.

I don't think Edgar is as good-looking as John.

He looks as if he had been ill.


The mayor appropriated city money for his own use.

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How'd it go with Margaret last night?


How do you know Bucky is there?

I think she has two sons.

Would you mind telling me how you got here?

I know you don't like her.

We've been improving every year.

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He has blond hair.


I want a wife and children, and so I need a house.

I've never thought about that before.

They lost Myron.

I think you know what I'm interested in.

I think Vassos's skirt's too long.

We're meeting in an hour in front of the hotel.

The more you look, the more you will see, and the more interesting they will become.


To get a prescription, go to a doctor.


People may not remember that.

The rain follows me everywhere!

I had a whiplash injury two months ago.

That wouldn't be wise.

He was sound asleep.


The company's profitability improved.

I am anxious for your success.

Do you think anybody would pay more than thirty dollars for this?


I'm going to kill Jarmo!

Reinhard agreed to accept Clark's offer.

It can't be measured in terms of money.


It doesn't look that way.

He is engaged in the research of AIDS.

We all have our ups and downs.

Jem found it more and more difficult to ignore the pain.

He turned on the radio.

You have to allow for the boy's age.

This dictionary contains not more than 20,000 words.


It has been snowing for two days.


Do you breastfeed or bottlefeed him?


Everybody just stared at him.

My daughter is buying milk from the store.

Sid was pleasantly surprised that more than 60 people liked the photo he put on Facebook.

Giovanni is sensitive, isn't he?

Judith is a bit eccentric.

I'm humming.

I hate your stupid stories.


The harbor was crowded with vessels of every description.


I'm sure I turned off the gas.

That's greed.

Do you really think I want that?

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Snow is apt to fall in Chicago in late November.

I teach third grade.

She prodded him to work harder.

He climbed up the tree like a monkey.

The meat spoiled.


I'm going to get out of town.

I'm the one who has the key.

Roger is engaged to be married.

Ralph and Christofer said they were leaving.

Do you have any books in French?

I can't figure out why you don't like jazz.

I've been searching for them.

Take this chair. It's sturdy.

The practice should be done away with.

I asked Rudolph to stay at home.

What's the minimum salary in Romania?


It's a pity I didn't buy one of those when I had the chance.


You shouldn't run around with a toothbrush in your mouth.

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He failed to follow our advice.

There exists a fine line between helpful and destructive fears. But there is a line. Our job is to find it and walk it.

Mehrdad would never hurt Ramesh.

I just want to sleep.

It took less than five minutes.


He pulled a very young girl.

Did you watch this movie?

Having climbed all the way to the shrine, I decided to dedicate a votive horse tablet.


His business resulted in heavy losses.

This dress is much too large for me.

You learned from the best.

This was an interesting book.

We spent hours looking for it.

My words are like a mirror; if a jackass read them, then don't expect he'd see an angel's face.

They called their new country the Republic of Liberia.

Those who laugh much are happier than those who laugh little.

I wore a coat lest I catch a cold.