Das Silikonband eines Rostocker Startups soll die Blutabnahme hygienischer machen. 100.000 versprach der Juror dafür – bisher ist der Deal aber nicht abgeschlossen. Krankenhäuser können auch krank machen. Bis zu 900.000 Patienten infizieren sich dort in Deutschland Schätzungen zufolge jährlich mit […]

10 tips for safe stretching

Stretching is a good way to improve flexibility and avoid muscle soreness. Here are some tips for how to do it properly. Stretch for 10 minutes every day. Regular stretching improves your balance, strength and flexibility. Get advice to avoid injury. Check […]

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For most exercisers, the first step for adding strength and improving fitness is developing a reasonably consistent workout routine. Your muscles will adapt to the new workload and should grow stronger. But muscle adaptation can cut both ways. If you’re […]

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Cardiovascular exercise is something that should be included in everyone’s fitness regimen.  There are many different activities you can choose to do such as walking, running, biking, or even playing a sport. Cardiovascular exercise offers many benefits including increasing immunity, […]