You're a cruel man.

I can call him.

Uri and Alejandro have always gotten along well.

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Some day we'll take a trip to India.


Do you have better quality ones?

Please look through these papers at your leisure.

David was happy and carefree.


It is anything but big.


This is a hazard to your health.


I'm very sorry about what happened.

What have you taken?

Let's not deal with that problem right now.


He's always on the go, from morning to night.

They should wash their feces.

Working part-time at a supermarket, I found that some customers were polite whereas others weren't.

Let's continue doing this.

He'll always come through.

Calvinism had a very strong impact.

Why are we still talking about this?

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I heard you were looking for a lawyer.

We did it again.

People here are very hospitable.

I have a son and a daughter. My son lives in New York, and my daughter lives in London.

The time has come for us to stand up.

Her talent blossomed early.

I didn't open anything up.

I'm sure Stacy will listen to you.

Kyoto gets lots of visitors from all over the world.

Is there any place special you want to go?

The president and his entourage were injured.

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Who taught you how to do that?

That's one problem solved.

Manuel probably thought I could play tennis.

She must have gone out.

He turns up his nose at everything.

Doctors inform us about our health.

A study found that almost 10% of men were obese in 2008. That was up from about 5% in 1980.


Lyndon isn't my client.


Thuan and I are normal.

I'll be there as quick as I can.

Apart from making love and reading Flaubert, nothing is more enjoyable than coining translations on Tatoeba.

Trevor is eating chicken porridge.

There are a lot of stars which are larger than our sun.

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Never think you know it all.


Will you take care of gathering materials for the climb?

There was a rapid decline in stock prices.

This is the coldest winter we have had in twenty years, I hear.


We are having dinner.

Lievaart leaned on the counter.

Claire is still living at home with his parents.

I won't let Andries down.

We need a new political science for a new world.

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I ate an apple before I went for a walk.

She's wearing a black hat.

Should I shave in November?

She got really sad because of what he said.

One day apart seems like a separation of three years.

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Can you remember what we're supposed to do?

What did your father teach you?

He's standing behind the wall.


A wise man can derive gold even from pus.

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A bird shat on Vladimir Vladimirovich.

There were areas where the language was imposed.

I burned all the letters that you wrote me.

I'll do exactly that.

She was dumb with fear.

I don't have enough credits to graduate.

About fifteen people showed up.

There were four chairs by the table.

Why don't you ask Bart to help you wash the car?

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You need to be honest with us.

Before turning, put on your blinkers to warn other drivers.

I'm sending Ritchey home.

This matter must not be trifled with.

For the first time, the Japanese Navy had been defeated.


Who does this belong to?

Keep in mind that you must die.

Most scholars believe that the Tetragrammaton should be pronounced "Yahweh".

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It's high time to get a motorcycle.

Irving chose to resign.

Do you think I might win?

Beckie misled you.

Mahesh is quite hardworking.

Both brothers are still alive.

This is a sign.


I am in a bind as my money has been stolen.


I just met the most amazing woman.

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We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Angela told Beverly about his family.

I was really happy with it.


I am in touch with him.

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Orville lied about his job experience.


She must have been a pretty girl when she was young.

Would you ask him to come in?

Take my word for it.

You've hit it! The book was still in the car.

You were lucky to catch up with us.


He can read thoughts.


I think I'll ask Mac to help me do that.

I grew up in this house.

You should keep away from bad company.

Jeanette didn't leave a message.

Sanche is reluctant to leave.


He earned as much money as possible.


I was born on the twenty second of November, nineteen forty eight.


I could have you escorted out.


I'll do anything.

You shouldn't judge a person by his looks.

You're lucky that my dog didn't bite you.

The situation could only be settled by war.

How do you put up with it?

Is he any better today?

Josh cares about his health.

I bought these for them.

Except for that, you didn't have any choice.


She was the first one to notice him.

Our team lost.

I'm sorry I'm late replying to your email.

That color is very becoming on you.

Alexis tried to stomp out the fire.

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I don't know my address yet, I'm going to stay with my friend for a while.

Theo isn't working today.

Mother has a good opinion of the writer.


What time will dinner be served?

Hotta was out of breath.

Let me tell you what Oskar said.

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Stop playing cat and mouse with me and tell me the news.

This was built long ago.

Where did you try them?

The hearing acuity of dogs is superior by far to that of humans.

"Okay, Adrian, pitting, pitting." "I really don't understand this drivethrough. I mean, the backmarker was holding me up, holding everyone up, and I get a drivethrough. Tell the FIA I really don't understand that." "Yes, we think it's very harsh and we will discuss it further with the FIA."

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Nick is getting good at playing the guitar.

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Life seemed to stretch before her like a dark starless night.

I want to find my big yellow banana.

I'm not going to wait.

Lindsey knew all about it.

I was in the room.


They recognized her.

Everyone seemed to already know that Bud and Dion were getting divorced.

It's very, very hot here.

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Please give me a hand with my job.

Do you know what I just did?

I don't want to intrude on them if they're busy.

What made you contact us?

Call it whatever you want.

My income has decreased ten percent.

I definitely was shocked.

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Why do you stifle me so by complaining?

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You need to stay away from Donn.

They are sitting in the kitchen and drinking tea.

I still have about three minutes.

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Security is still a concern.


And how about you?

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They both did well.